How Often to Change Furnace Humidifier Filter?

How Often to Change Furnace Humidifier Filter?

The inevitable part of owning a humidifier is changing its filters. You can extend the filter’s life by contacting a furnace service in Wylie, TX, to change it as often as possible. Check the humidifier filter regularly to track how long it takes to become clogged.

Maintaining a clean exterior on the humidifier will minimize the amount of dirt collected in the filter. The reusable nature of some filters makes them easy to vacuum or soak in water and reuse. Depending on your filter type, it can be cleaned, or it may need to be replaced.

How often do you change the filters in your humidifier?

A humidifier filter must be replaced every three months if used more than twice a week. However, when you use your humidifier daily, you should replace your filter every six weeks.

To prevent scaling, corrosion, mold, and mildew from dispersing into your home during winter, you should change them at the beginning of the heating season.

If you attempt to clean humidifier pads by hand, you will remove their cellulose layer, which allows water to bead. Get in touch with a professional for furnace tune-up in Wylie, TX.

Tips to extend the life of humidifier filters

A humidifier filter can quickly clog when smoke, animal dander, or dust is present. You can prolong the life of your humidifier filter by keeping the room clean and vacuuming regularly, especially in areas closest to the humidifier. Regularly cleaning humidifier filters will ensure that the unit operates as efficiently as possible.

Bottom line

Humidifiers are great for preventing dry air from resulting from furnace use during the winter months. You must change the pad of your humidifier regularly to ensure that you get the maximum amount of evaporation when needed.

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