Is Your Compressor Worth Repairing?

Is Your Compressor Worth Repairing?

An air conditioning device comprises of several parts, and a compressor is one of the most crucial components of your cooling device. The compressor’s role is to manage the device and keep the refrigerant or coolant circulating for better cooling. In addition, it is the part of your air conditioning appliance that constantly switches on and off to keep the home cool.

Hence it can accumulate dirt and remain exposed to severe wear and tear due to this constant on and off-cycle. Nevertheless, before the air conditioner compressor starts malfunctioning, it displays various warning alerts that exhibit the need for repair or air conditioner maintenance in Rowlett, TX, to help you avoid an expensive and untimely replacement.

When to Call Experts For a Compressor Repair?

The compressor in your air conditioning device keeps the cooling unit operating seamlessly and assists you in controlling your home’s indoor air quality. So if your air conditioner device is not working or exhibiting malfunction alerts, you must call professional technicians for your AC repair in Wylie, TX.

In addition, determining signs of deterioration in the air conditioner compressor requires a professional eye. Nevertheless, most individuals can understand if their air conditioner compressor is not functioning. It usually comprises physical changes you can feel or see, such as odd noises from the cooling devices.

The reasons for your air conditioner compressor not operating are plenty. For example, there could be a dirty filter or coil. In such circumstances, it is better to call an expert for your air conditioner service. However, many individuals often wonder whether calling technicians for repairs is worth it. So to help you better understand, here are some signs you must schedule air conditioner repair.

  • Your Device Is Making Odd Sounds: When you switch on your air conditioning device and detect a loud, odd noise coming from the device, it’s time to take a closer glance. When a compressor begins failing, it becomes challenging to turn it on, and weird rackets start arising from your device.

Different defects with the compressor can differ in a variety of sounds. Grinding rackets might get induced by faulty motors or loose bearings. On the other hand, a shrieking noise means a worn-out compressor bearing. Thus we can say that for any racket that isn’t normal when your machine is still new, it is worth calling professionals for your air conditioning repair.

  • A Shift in Temperature or Airflow: When a compressor fails, the airflow production inside the ducts starts to drop. In such circumstances, it is worth calling an air conditioner repair professional if you notice the frigid air from your vents is declining. In addition, an increase in the temperature at your home is another sign that your compressor isn’t functioning accurately.

Instead of pumping chilly air, a defective compressor no longer controls the refrigerant flow, resulting in heated air. Furthermore, you might have a broken compressor if you encounter weakened airflow or increasing temperatures in your house.

  • Moisture Leakage: The existence of leaks near a cooling device is never a good thing. In addition, water leakage surrounding the air conditioner might be due to cluttered or clogged coils. A defective compressor, on the other hand, can induce refrigerant leakage.

Furthermore, remember that Freon is present in refrigerants and is a harmful chemical with which individuals should not come into direct contact. It can lead to nausea, headaches, inflamed eyes, coughing, and other health issues. Thus, it is more reasonable to call a professional AC repair specialist if you detect a leak and think it’s arising from the compressor.

  • The Condensing Unit Begins Vibrating: It happens if your air conditioning compressor faces challenges while turning on. Given this difficulty, you might have an issue switching on your air conditioning appliance. Hence if the condensing device vibrates, it might be due to a faulty motor or loose fan. In addition, it can happen due to numerous reasons, such as the compressor getting a hard start. It simply means that your compressor cannot turn on quickly or take some time.

Tripped circuit breaker: A circuit breaker may trip because the compressor in your air conditioning device is drawing excessive power. In case of power overloading, the circuit breaker trips, and the power supply gets broken. By cutting off the electric supply, your circuit breaker protects you from accidents. In such cases, it is worth calling professionals for compressor repair.


A compressor is a costly investment part of an air conditioning device to repair because it is the primary component. Any indications of wear and tear should get examined as quickly as possible. Also, when in doubt, have our professional experts at Baez Heating and Air Conditioning evaluate your device and offer comprehensive air conditioner service in Rowlett, TX

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