Should I Run My Air Conditioner Nonstop?

Should I Run My Air Conditioner Nonstop?

Several things could contribute to the feeling that your HVAC system is malfunctioning. Some indications could show a problem with your system that would require air conditioner installation in Rowlett, TX. Only hire the best HVAC services to repair, install, maintain or replace your air conditioner.

Causes of your air conditioner's constant operation.

  • High Temperatures And Humidity Levels: On hot and humid days, you can anticipate that your air conditioner will run for a longer duration than usual. You should not be concerned if you have recently relocated from another location.

The air conditioner’s cooling cycle shall resume when the temperature falls below a particular threshold. If not, consider getting an AC service in Rowlett, TX.

  • Wrong Air Conditioner Unit Size: Installers of air conditioners most frequently make the error of sizing incorrectly. Many people who call themselves technicians will replace your existing unit with one of a similar size. Before installing a new HVAC system, it is vital to measure the entire dwelling.

These measures should include the home’s area, volume, insulation, and ventilation. If your air conditioner’s capacity is insufficient, it will spend significantly more electricity than necessary and cycle on and off continuously.

Common issues that arise when an air conditioner is utilized in access.

  • Clogged Air Filter: When the air filter in your system gets blocked with dirt and other particles, the airflow through the system is impeded, hindering your air conditioner’s performance.

The system cannot remove humidity and cool the air to the correct temperature if there is insufficient airflow over the coils. AC maintenance in Wylie, TX, can be a solution to this problem.

  • Low Level of Refrigerant Charge: Your unit cannot chill the room if there is insufficient refrigerant in the system, which is often due to a coil leak. When this occurs, the system will continue to function with increased effort.

To find the leak, perform the necessary air conditioning repairs in Rowlett, TX, and restore the refrigerant level to its proper level, you will need the aid of a skilled HVAC service technician.

  • Frozen Evaporator Coil: If your unit is constantly running and releasing warm air from the supply vents, it is conceivable that it has frozen over. After completely turning off the air conditioner, contact an HVAC professional.

Prolonged ice on the evaporator coil can cause the coil to damage until it needs to be replaced. To avoid this, contact an air conditioning repair in Rowlett, TX.

  • Insufficiently Sealed Ducts: Cool air may be escaping from your building due to ductwork leaks, which is more likely if your building has older ducting. It is possible that the joints have not been properly sealed or that the insulation has been removed.

If enough cold air is allowed to escape, the temperature in your region will never exceed the predetermined threshold, and the system will continue to function.

  • Problems With The Fan and Blower Motor: If the blower motor is not giving enough air to the system or the fan is operating at a low speed, the system may lose adequate efficiency, causing it to work longer than necessary. Changing the fan speed setting can resolve the issue.

You may only need to clean the fan blades thoroughly, as a coating of filth may have built on them and slowed them down. However, looking for complete AC service in Rowlett, TX, is better.

  • A Condenser Obstructed by Dirt or Debris: The condenser coils on your outdoor unit must be cleaned equally as frequently as the evaporator coils on your inside unit, if not more regularly, due to their exposure to the elements.

Not only can airflow be impeded by airborne dirt and debris but also by collected leaves and animal or insect nests. You can rectify this issue by thoroughly cleaning products and equipment for specialists only.

  • Temperature Regulator Malfunction: Even if the target temperature is reached, the appliance will not turn off if the thermostat is not functioning because it will not recognize the signal. Determine whether the room’s actual temperature is lower than the setting set on the thermostat.


By doing routine AC maintenance in Wylie, TX, you may resolve many of these issues and even prevent some of them from arising. In addition, putting off this task could worsen the issue over time.

Contact Baez Heating and Air Conditioning if you wish to get your air conditioner serviced. We also help in AC maintenance, repair, replacement, installation, and all other related services.

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