What To Do To Get Rid Of The Bad AC Smells?

What To Do To Get Rid Of The Bad AC Smells?

Does a foul odor in your home intensify every time you turn on the air conditioner? If so, this could indicate that you have an issue with mold. Even though you will want to identify the source of the odor and eliminate it as soon as possible, you may be unaware that it poses significant health risks.

If the air conditioning system lacks enough ventilation, its coils accumulate excessive dust. It can result in the development of a musty odor that becomes more evident with time. Mold or mildew may also be present within the affected equipment, as this potential cause requires urgent air conditioner service in Rowlett, TX.

Reasons for bad AC smells.

  • Burning Smell: Many diverse types of electrical components are located within an air conditioner. If you smell burning plastic from your air conditioning unit, this is almost certainly a sign that one or more system components are about to catch fire. Contact a local air conditioning repair in Rowlett, TX, immediately.
  • Garbage: The presence of a foul odor identical to rotting garbage indicates the demise of a rat, bird, or another small animal within the ventilation system. If you continue to use the air conditioning, the odor will spread throughout your home even further.
  • Rotten Eggs: If your air conditioner creates a stink equivalent to rotten eggs or sulfur, there is typically just one explanation: a gas leak in your home, with the odor emanating from the ductwork. Natural gas, also referred to as methane, is a hazardous chemical.
  • Cigarette Smoke: If you smoke in your house, your air conditioner may develop a smoky odor if you use it for an extended period. This odor could multiply bacteria due to exposure and poor air quality. If cigarette smoke is in excess, you must do a regular air conditioner tune-up in Rowlett, TX.

How can I get rid of the smell that appears to be emanating from the air conditioner?

There are several ways to eliminate a foul smell from your air conditioner.

  • Remove All of The Device’s Power Sources: Before beginning an air conditioning repair in Rowlett, TX, on a residential air conditioning system, it is important to turn off the power at the source. Safety is the top priority in all maintenance procedures. You will construct a power cutoff point designed for this purpose to prevent serious bodily injury.
  • Decontaminating The Drainage System: When you inspect your air conditioner, you will see a tiny tube dripping water; this is the drain line. This line is also referred to as a condensation line. This one line has a substantial effect on your system’s overall performance and odor.
  • Changing The Ventilation Filter: Some units probably employ reusable filters, while others employ disposable filters. If your air conditioner’s reusable air filter requires cleaning, you should remove it and wash it in warm water with a small amount of dish soap.

Rinsing the filter with weak bleach will remove any mold and particles that could continue to generate odors. Call for an air conditioner tune-up in Rowlett, TX, for a filter change if your AC does not have a reusable filter.

  • Make Sure The Evaporator Coils Are Clean: After you have replaced the filters, you can clean the evaporator coils with a foam-producing chemical. These can become dirty during normal operation, leading to odors and harming the system’s overall performance.

Why is AC repair necessary if you smell something bad odor coming out of it?

When your air conditioner begins to emit a foul odor, it indicates that it needs to be serviced and cleaned by a knowledgeable professional. Mold and bacteria can cause an accumulation of unpleasant odors within a system, leading to respiratory difficulties or flu-like symptoms.

Condensation can occur when hot air is drawn through the air conditioner on days with high air humidity. Remember that the air is constantly being recycled. The system can become contaminated with germs and bacteria if adequate maintenance and cleaning procedures are not followed.

When it comes to businesses, particularly office spaces, you’ll want to maintain clean systems throughout the year. Ducted systems are probably better appropriate for larger spaces. Contact an air conditioning repair in Rowlett, TX, if you smell any weird odor from your air conditioner.


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