Why Is My Air Conditioning Unit Blowing Warm Air?

Why Is My Air Conditioning Unit Blowing Warm Air?

Does your air conditioner work but does not cool? There can be a problem with your AC that needs to be resolved. When you check the thermostat, the temperature is well over the specified temperature, and your AC is blowing warm air when you place your palm over one of the registers.

Here Are The Reasons for your AC blowing warm air

You need to hire a professional from a service provider for AC service in Rowlett, TX, to solve the basic problem causing your air conditioner to blast warm air.

Listed below are the most common reasons why an air conditioner blows warm air and which ones you might be able to fix on your own.

Obstructed or closed return vents

Obstructed vents might make your air conditioner spew heated air. Check that all returns and registers are open and allow air to circulate freely by taking a tour around your area or getting service for AC repair in Wylie, TX.

Unclean condenser coils

One of its key capabilities is your condenser unit’s ability to release heat outside your building. Due to its outside location, you may cover it with mud, dirt, and debris like leaves. The coils eventually become unable to function properly, leaving your system spewing heated air.

Faulty thermostats

You should always check the thermostat if you are concerned that the air conditioner in your house or office is blowing warm air. Ensure the fan is on auto and the thermostat is in the cool setting.

The fixed temperature must be lower than the ambient temperature. If this issue is still not resolved, you can call an AC expert for an air conditioner tune-up in Rowlett, TX

Leaky or disconnected ducts

Return air cannot reach the unit if a duct has holes, breaks, or is entirely detached. The AC may spew warm air because the cold air supply is lost in your walls, attic, or crawl area.

You would want to examine your ducts to see if they are reachable. Hire an expert from a service provider for AC service, to check the state of your ducting in this case.

Refrigerant low

Low refrigerant is mainly the cause of your air conditioner blowing heated air. You need a refrigerant to keep your unit operating at its peak efficiency. Refrigerant fluid takes the moisture and heats it out of the atmosphere.

If your air conditioner isn’t cooling your home well, the refrigerant may be leaking, and there isn’t enough of it to cool your home. If this problem isn’t fixed immediately, the compressor motor can get damaged.

Trust technicians for reliable and affordable AC services

If the unit isn’t cooling properly, it might need a tune-up. Regular maintenance helps maintain the efficiency and cooling of your air conditioner. Baez Heating and Air Conditioning for effective AC tune-up and other services. Our AC experts handle AC’s with care and repair them in time so that you can enjoy the comfort of the AC every time you turn it on.

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